Friday, 23 December 2011


I like working with paper, mostly because you can easily cut it and also most of the time it holds its shape whatever you do with it. It looked like a good idea to use it for my project. I choose to go with different kinds of paper. For the first 'try' I used white vibe pattern paper and created few 'flocks'. I used simple origami technic - when you take two stripes of paper and fold them one over the other:

Then I arranged the 'flocks' into few different intersections. I like the fact that even I used white paper on a white background, with a help of light and shadows it still creates quite interesting forms:

For the next project I used coloured paper and metallic paper, using the same technic for folding:

Here are some of the outcomes:

Then I played with Photoshop and put in the image a group of 'visitors' that attended an exhibition. Isn't it funny?

Monday, 19 December 2011

Project 7: PRINTING EXPERIENCE II. - lino print

After having fun with 'home made' prints, there was time to try something more serious. I went for lino print. First I created two lino cuts, each for a different colour that I wanted to use:

Then I walked to the school's printing workshop and with a help of Des MacMahon we printed this piece. It looks fabulous. Thank you, Des!

Then I cleaned the two lino cuts and painted one with different shades of acrylic paints..

...and printed on a paper:

The second cut I painted with a pure black colour...

...and printed over the first print. Not bad at all!

Few close up images, some of the colours have been adjusted in Photoshop:


For this project I choose one of the images of the previous post - Connecting flocks. My idea was to make impression of interacting few different elements.

I created few shapes:

The upper shapes was created with using sunflower seeds which I glued and stuck an a card.  The shape below was created with small timber sticks. Then I painted them using acrylic paints:

Another shape was created with acrylic paste which I applied on card and after it dried I painted it with a metallic paint:

Then I printed them one by one on a paper. I was quite surprise with the outcome. See for yourself:

On a dark paper using slighlty colder shades of metallic acrylic paint: