Tuesday, 24 January 2012


After hectic assessment week we all started to work on our selective disciplines. My first Project work was in Combined Media & Sculpture. The brief was based on our investigation of five senses and vital signs. I took breathing as a vital sign to demonstrate it in my work and watch, where will it take me.

I came with an idea polystyrene balls which would float and fall in the air. First I made few sketches:

Then I created a stand for my project. I used metal bin frame and covered it with fine mesh in which I put a funnel made of clear transparent, plastic. I filled the funnel with polystyrene balls and blew the air to the funnel from below using a hairdrier:

My idea was to demonstrate circulation of breathing, or to demonstrate a 'sigh' when the air stops to blow. Here you can see what happened:

In my second attempt I used the same ball but this time I attached them to each other and to the frame using fishing lane. Also I used more powerful ventilator:

The balls were moving the way I wanted, the only problem was that they did not move too much. I came with an idea to put light cellophane stripes between them to give the air more grip. Here is what happened:

This time the balls moved much better.

The next idea was based on work of David Meyer and his huge plastic stripes installations. First I made few sketches:

Then I took light crepe paper stripes and attached them to the frame:

Then I used my ventilator again and you can see what happend. The stripes move quite nicely:

Monday, 2 January 2012

Project 9: RECYCLED CUBES - influence by R. DEACON

This idea came to my mind during the last days before Christmas break. While I was clearing my locker at school I found the 'silver cubes' from my previous project. It took a lot of time to create all of them and I was a bit reluctant to throw them straight in the bin. Something was telling me that I was not finished with them yet. In my previous research I came across of work of sculptor Richard Deacon. I choose this image of one of his work as a reference to create my last project:

Then I joined the cubes into a 'snake' using selotape and silver drinking straws. The cut plastic straws helped the 'snake' to twist:

Here are some images of the result:

Also a short video when I tried to play with shadows (AGAIN!!! :-) :

After I was finished with this project I started to think how would some of these pieces look as huge sculptures. In Photoshop I added few figures just to put these 'sculptures' in perspective. I quite like the outcome: