Sunday, 27 November 2011


After few successful projects which were created as 3D work, there was time to concentrate on 2D realisations. This was not easy, I am more used to work in free space. I decided to work on large scale, which would give me more freedom. Here are few videos of my work. Each of them is created as a 'step by step' demonstration. I am also including some images which I consider as the most interesting of each project:

For the following piece I used a black background and white and metallic paint. I found some close ups more interesting than the final work in full scale. Some of the details reminds me of dramatic seas of British painter William Turner (maybe because I watched video about his work the previous night).

And here few pictures of 'Turner's seas':

This piece was made as a reference to ceramic piece 'Momentum' made by Barbro Aberg. The image was taken from artist's website, photographer: Lars Henrik Mardahl:

I started with black drawing and added different colours step by step. However, I found the first black drawing the most interesting:

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