Monday, 2 January 2012

Project 9: RECYCLED CUBES - influence by R. DEACON

This idea came to my mind during the last days before Christmas break. While I was clearing my locker at school I found the 'silver cubes' from my previous project. It took a lot of time to create all of them and I was a bit reluctant to throw them straight in the bin. Something was telling me that I was not finished with them yet. In my previous research I came across of work of sculptor Richard Deacon. I choose this image of one of his work as a reference to create my last project:

Then I joined the cubes into a 'snake' using selotape and silver drinking straws. The cut plastic straws helped the 'snake' to twist:

Here are some images of the result:

Also a short video when I tried to play with shadows (AGAIN!!! :-) :

After I was finished with this project I started to think how would some of these pieces look as huge sculptures. In Photoshop I added few figures just to put these 'sculptures' in perspective. I quite like the outcome:

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