Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Elective Project: PAINTING - I.

At the beginning of our two week elective painting project we started with an exercise which I would call 'linear painting'. On the image below you can see the installation made of easels and desks which served as a composition for still life painting:

The following image shows my painting made with a mix of three primary colours. For this painting I used plastic card:

The following painting was made by plastic card as well, but in this case the task was to cover the paper with a thick layer of paint and 'scrape' paint from empty areas. We had to do this in rapid pace because the paint was drying very fast. This is visible in scraped areas, which unfortunately makes the painting a bit messy:

For the following project we created an installation in our painting studio. This installation served as a composition for our exercises:

Below is a painting made with brush and the task was to paint negative spaces, which simply are the areas where there is 'nothing':

The following painting was done with a plastic card and the task was to 'draw' the actual installation:

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