Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Elective Project: CERAMICS 1. - PAPER CUTS

After a busy block of 2 weeks spent working on my sculpture projects suddenly there was a new start in ceramics. I was really looking forward to this part of our elective block.
As a first task we got to make cutouts in black and white paper based on some our drawings, when trying to create marks. I have chosen 4 drawings to make my cutouts.

All of my cutouts are shown in a lock of 3 images. The first one shows the actual drawing, usually made with a syringe filled with white or black acrylic paint, or using a brush.

The first drawing was made on a black background and I call it a 'wave':

Then I choose a part of the image to make the paper cut:

And this is the actual paper cut made of black and white paper:

For the second paper cut I choose a drawing which I called 'bridge':

This a chosen part of the drawing:

This is the paper cut of the 'bridge' made of black paper stripes on the white paper:

The next drawing was made with a white paint on a black paper. I call it 'mountain':

This is the chosen part of the drawing:

And this is the final paper cut:

As the last drawing I choose the one which I called 'wave':

This is part of the drawing I choose as a reference to the final paper cut:

And this is the final piece made of white paper cuts on a black paper:

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