Wednesday, 1 February 2012


After my first attempt to demonstrate 'breathing' I came with another idea. This one is more focused on repetitive aspect of breathing, simply described as 'circulation'. As a reference I used this video from West Clare which I took few years ago and fortunately I have found it on my computer saved. It shows a stream that runs down the fields and usually falls down to the sea as waterfall. In this occasion the wind from the ocean was so strong that pushed the water back to the fields which caused the water to fly back and run down the fields again and again:

My idea was to create an object similar to cliffs, only with far more rougher feel which would make contrast with other elements which are placed next to it or on its top.

First I draw this picture, just to have something to start with:

On the left side you can see how I created the main object. First I created mock up made of cardboard. Then I applied some drinking straws on its side. I covered all object with a tin foil and finally I painted all surface with black acrylic paint. I wiped off some of the paint on the edges to give the object that rusty, metal, heavy feel:

On the right side you can see some elements I also created. They were made far more delicate and represent the 'circulating feel' as a contrast to the heavy and steady massif. These objects are made of polystyrene balls, barbecue sticks, plastic funnel, cling film, thin wire, pieces of craft foam, soft plastic bags and the last object has been weaved with craft timber sticks and chunky rope.

Then I took various images of these objects together. I think they complement each other quite nicely. To put these into a different perspective I adjusted the images in Photoshop and included some of my well known figures to give an impression of huge sculptures. What do you think?

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