Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Elective Project: CERAMICS 2. - PITCH POT MAKING

As a second step in our ceramic elective we learned how to make pieces throgh a process called "pitch pot making". The next image shows this process. First I made few sketches-drawings:

Then I created few half spheres from a clay. Then I put the halves together and created the actual spheres. As a second step I created 'horns' and put them on the top of each sphere. After a bit of work I created the spheres with horns to appear as drops. I tried to make the pieces to appear the way with no visible transition between the sphere and the horn. It is hard to describe this in words. I hope the images show this attempt more precisely:

I also created one piece when I used the same method and the only difference was in how I made the surface of this piece. I just scratched the surface with a tool which I call a small 'rake":

Here we can see all the pieces I created by pitch pot making together. The reason why some of the pieces are in a darker shade is because at the time they were not fully dried. The lighter pieces were created earlier and were fully dried at the time when the image was taken:

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