Monday, 10 October 2011


Hello everybody,
So here we are. After the first hint of excitement (you know: “HOORAY! I have MADE it into Art College!”) we all had to face reality: BRIEF! PROJECT! I was excited: “Movement and Motion”. Such a beautiful, broad and after all: average theme. Everything moves, everything is in motion. Just to have a look around! It looked easy to choose. I like nature, I like water and I like BIRDS! Birds move. They move their wings, they move in a space, they migrate. Well, I decided, it is going to be about birds.

After few days of research I was getting a bit frightened. Birds move, they do a lot of things... but what should I do with them? How to implement these small creatures into MY project? I knew the first step is the most important. So I took it:  “The best defense is a good offense” has became my motto. After all, much bigger and braver men in our history had to deal with these freaky animals covered in feathers. For example: Alfred Hitchcock.

I just needed to make few changes to the original poster to advertise the beginning of my project:

The next step was to buy a decent camera with camrecorder and go out to search for my birds.

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