Tuesday, 18 October 2011


The next project was based on a video that I recorded in Kilkee (apologies for the quality, I did my best). I liked the move the birds did - escaping the wave, they only popped up and returned almost at the same spot:

I did some further research on youtube and found this fantastic piece, created for BMW Museum, Germany:

I loved the choreography of the balls and the smooth movements on each piece. My idea was to create some 3D installation that would imitate the move of the birds in Kilkee, using similar elements as per the fabulous BMW creation.

I made an acrylic painting to investigate how the birds actually move:

Then I made few sketches of how the elements (birds) could be assembled together:

I decided to use cubes instead of balls - for the further investigation of reflection of light that flat sides of cubes might create on the around walls. The cubes are made of ‘mirror’ silver card (with a plastic ice cube inside) and there is a piece of elastic attached to each cubes. I choose elastic instead of thread - to emphasize smooth movement of the cubes:

and more cubes (81 of them)...

Then I created a frame where the cubes would be put on...

and with a help of a friend - we together set up the big frame (thank you Irene!)...

... this is proud me with a final product:

To be continued in the next post.

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