Monday, 31 October 2011


At this stage I considered the Project 4 almost finished. For me it worked, the silver cubes were moving the way I wanted, they only looked a bit cold. I thought that maybe a bit of colour would make a difference. I just did not know, how to make silver cubes coloured. Well, they pretty reflected anything that was around them, why would not they reflect colour as well? I went to a craft shop, bought few sheets of coloured paper and put it on the floor under the installation:

Then I recorded a new video. I like the result when each cube reflects the colour depending on the actual sheet below:

As the last step I decided to make the elastics of different length just to see what difference it will make to the movement of whole piece. I did not want to move them in complete chaos and I created some kind of pyramid:

The video shows that the length of elastic has huge impact on the actual movement of each cube. They do not move simultaneously and that is why they tangle very easily:

I prefer the movement of cubes when they are in the same plane. It demonstrates the movement of birds more graphically.

After the last experiment I finished working on this project. It was a success and there was time to move on something new.

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